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04/04/2018 12:50Const. Court: US plea for Nikulin's extradition well-founded    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Brno, April 3 (CTK) - The Czech Constitutional Court revealed nothing that would challenge the independence of the American judiciary in the case ... The United States thanked the Czech Republic for extraditing Nikulin, while Russia criticised the step and warned that it would affect the Russian-Czech ...
03/28/2018 23:25Significant Market Power Act: record fine for retail chain Globus    ( Lexology )
The European Commission has also dealt with the act but has not initiated proceedings against the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, the Czech Food Chamber stated that the act has helped to ... The case is pending before the Brno Regional Court. According to publicly available information, the authority ...
03/26/2018 16:25People in Prague, Brno, pay tribute to shot Slovak journalist    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Prague/Brno, March 23 (CTK) - Several tens of people paid tribute to murdered Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee in Prague's centre by lighting candles, while at least 350 people demonstrated in Brno on Friday, appealing for decency in politics in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
03/22/2018 11:30Czech, Moldovan police bust up large drug-trafficking gang    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
In the Czech Republic, it grew marijuana. It sold the drugs to dealers who distributed them in Prague, Brno, Austria and Moldova. The police said the drug network was extensive and well coordinated, with a broad range of clients. The main suspect is a Czech man who organised the business from the ...
03/22/2018 11:30Czech, Moldovan police uncover large drug trafficking ring    ( Xinhua )
They detained 19 Czechs and Moldavians. The group is believed to have smuggled cocaine and Ecstasy from the Netherlands, and grown marijuana in the Czech Republic. The drugs were then sold to dealers who distributed them in Prague, Brno, Austria and Moldavia. According to police, the drug ...
03/16/2018 11:30NATO arms protection centre near Brno deals with agent poisoning    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
The Centre against Weapons of Mass Destruction in Vyskov was established by NATO in 2007 and it has been part of the direct protection of the Czech Republic and other NATO member states in 2016. According to the website of the Czech weekly Respekt, the centre's analysis tries to identify the ...
03/06/2018 03:25Czech protesters inflamed by police role for Communist MP    (Radio Prague)
Thousands of demonstrators across Czech Republic protest against Communist Party MP but also ... - Radio Prague
03/06/2018 03:25Chaos on the streets of Prague: Thousands protest Czech PM in Communist row    (Reuters)
Czechs protest Communist-era cop getting police oversight job in parliament - Reuters
02/28/2018 13:40Marches for murdered journalist will be on Friday    ( The Slovak Spectator )
There will also be a march organised for March 2 in BanskĂĄ Bystrica by the Not In Our City organisation, starting at 17:00 at SNP Square. Another march will be held on the same day in the Czech Republic, in Brno, starting at 17:00 at KomenskĂŠho NĂĄměstĂ­ Square. Read also: Read also:Beating, burning ...
02/08/2018 14:55Czech court dismisses Prague's inadequate Air Quality Plan    ( Ekklesia )
It is a victory for people's right to breathe clean air and live in a healthier environment – this time in the capital of the Czech Republic.” ClientEarth and partners are awaiting a ruling for a similar case in the Czech city of Brno. The Czech Republic was one of the countries recently summoned by the ...
01/31/2018 18:50Court backs man seeking compensation for rent regulation    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Brno, Jan 30 (CTK) - The Czech Constitutional Court (US) on Tuesday met a flat owner's claim for a compensation for the state regulation of rents, also ... Last year, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Czech Republic must pay 2.19 million crowns to three complainants to cover the ...
01/25/2018 10:55Czech 'Russiagate' haunts presidential runoff race    (Prague Daily Monitor)
Supreme Court head rejects PM' words on ordering prosecution - Prague Daily Monitor
01/24/2018 13:40Const. Court rejects Russian hacker Nikulin's complaint    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Brno, Jan 23 (CTK) - The Czech Constitutional Court (US) has rejected a complaint that Russian Yevgeniy Nikulin, arrested in the Czech Republic in October 2016 and wanted by the USA and Russia on suspicion of computer hacking, filed against his detention, according to the decision in the US ...
01/23/2018 12:40What Is Hypoxia? Air Force Appoints General To Investigate Mid-Flight Incidents    ( International Business Times )
A U.S. flight technician checks the body of a A-10 thunderbolt parked on the tarmac at the Namest air force base near Brno, Czech Republic, where it is taking part in joint NATO military exercises called Ramstein Rover. Photo: Getty. The move comes after an air force base in Arizona had to ground their ...
01/19/2018 12:55Culture projects with Czech share win ten million euros from EU    (Prague Daily Monitor)
Court rules in favour of Kurdish female asylum seeker - Prague Daily Monitor
01/19/2018 01:05Padmaavat to release in all states, orders Supreme Court    ( GkMen )
Bollywood's most controversial film Padmaavat which was already banned in three states of India is now barred from the screening in Haryana, making it the fourth state. The flick has run into trouble time and again, as members of several Rajput factions have accused Bhansali of distorting history.
01/18/2018 12:30Czech energy office former head acquitted of charges    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Olomouc, North Moravia, Jan 17 (CTK) - The High Court acquitted former Czech Energy Regulatory Office (ERU) chairwoman Alena Vitaskova of charges in the case of the ERU's irregular granting of ... The Brno Regional Court originally sentenced Vitaskova to 8.5 years in prison in February 2016.
01/12/2018 16:25Former Peninsula resident kills himself in Czech prison    (Prague Daily Monitor)
Quadruple US murderer commits suicide in Czech prison - Prague Daily Monitor
01/12/2018 00:45Quadruple US murderer commits suicide in Czech prison: report    (International Business Times)
Who Is Kevin Dahlgren? American Triple Murderer Commits Suicide In Czech Prison - International Business Times
12/28/2017 08:45Three foreigners attack two men in Brno, face accusation    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Brno, Dec 27 (CTK) - The Czech police have levelled accusations against three foreigners who attacked another two men in Brno early on Saturday, ... According to CTK's information, the attackers come from north Africa and have been living in the Czech Republic for a long time. They speak Czech.


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