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04/16/2018 15:35Breaking language barrier is key to integration of foreigners    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Brno, April 13 (CTK) - Breaking the language barrier is the key to successful integration of foreigners, but many foreigners are dissatisfied with the ... head of the survey, told CTK that the locals are mistaken when they expect Ukrainians to have no problems in communication in the Czech Republic.
04/13/2018 22:00Masaryk University helps foreign staff by new office    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
This is why after their resettlement to Brno, it offers them the services that are routinely provided at the universities of our type and standing in the world," he added. The university staff contacts the new employees from abroad before their arrival to the Czech Republic in order to help them deal with the ...
04/12/2018 19:35Billionaire's quest for power stress tests Czech democracy    ( SFGate )
Such a tie-up would tilt the Czech Republic further in the direction of its regional peers Poland and Hungary, where anti-immigrant governments have ... of the reaction abroad, of what the EU tells him," said Stanislav Balik, a political scientist at Masaryk University in Brno, the country's second-largest city.
04/12/2018 19:35Agric Minister interacts with Ghanaian students in Czech Republic    ( Graphic Online )
Dr Akoto was interacting with a section of Ghanaian students in the Mendelova University in Brno in the Czech Republic during an official visit to that country. The Minister, who was leading a Ghanaian delegation to the TECHAGRO 2018 in Brno, the Czech Republic, was happy that most of the ...
04/11/2018 05:05Czech astronomer has international impact with night sky images    ( Radio Prague )
I guess that the Czech Republic is not the best place for astrophotography, because there is a high level of light pollution. ... “One of the best people I have ever met is Professor Miroslav DrĂźckmiller from Brno, who has pioneered a mathematical way of post-processing images. “He became very famous ...
03/28/2018 23:25Zoner Photo Studio X Spring Update    ( PhotographyBLOG (blog) )
For one of the most interesting new features in ZPS X, our developers teamed up with scientists from the University of Technology in Brno, Czech Republic. Using tens of thousands of photos, they trained a neural network that can determine the presence of faces in a photo. So our automatic edits now ...
03/19/2018 11:35Poison used against former spy not from ČR    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Poisonous substances are produced in the Czech Republic solely for laboratory purposes to test their properties and in a very small amount of some grammes only, Bohuslav Safar, director of the Military Research Institute in Brno, told CTK on Saturday, in reaction to the allegations about the nerve agent ...
03/16/2018 11:30Thousands of students join event in support of democracy    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Prague, March 15 (CTK) - Students from about 300 secondary schools and universities joined an half-hour token strike in defence of social and constitutional values at noon on Thursday, staging rallies in squares and outside school buildings in Prague and other towns across the Czech Republic.
03/16/2018 11:30Students Rally in Brno to Protest for Democracy    ( Yahoo News UK )
A large crowd of people gathered in Brno's Liberty Square as students from around 300 high schools and universities across the Czech Republic took to the streets on the afternoon of March 15 to defend democracy and support the freedom of the press. During the marches, students spoke about their ...
03/06/2018 03:25Artios exercises option to in-license potential first-in-class nuclease development programme    ( GlobeNewswire (press release) )
Masaryk University, located in Brno, is the second-largest public university in the Czech Republic. ... Recognised as one of the most important teaching and research institutions in the Czech Republic and a highly-regarded Central European university, it has been infused with a strong democratic spirit ...
02/28/2018 13:40Editorial Article: A New Streamlined Method for DNA Repair and Telomere Stability    ( SelectScience )
I graduated in biochemistry and did my Ph.D. in biophysics in Brno. I worked at the Institute of Biophysics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, for 16 years where I studied epigenetics in plants, plant DNA methylation, polyploidization and the evolution of plant genomes. In 2014, I moved to the ...
02/23/2018 20:05AI criticises Czech officials for xenophobia, refusing refugees    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
Along with the Czech Republic's refusal to accept the refugee quotas, AI criticises the unequal access of the Roma children to education, the lengthy ... The report also recalls that during an arms fair in Brno last May, Zeman stated that the Czech arms industry needed to "export globally," denying that the ...
02/16/2018 02:00Student 3D Prints Eyes    ( Hackaday )
[Ondřej VocĂ­lka] is a student at the Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic. In addition, the 23-year-old lost his vision in his left eye. While attending a lecture on 3D printing, he wondered if he could 3D print an ophthalmic prosthesis — an artificial eye. Turns out, he could. If you don't speak ...
01/25/2018 18:50Higher ed is in need of fresh ideas    ( The Edwardsville Intelligencer )
Yet, when he started to do his experiments with peas at the Brno monastery in what is today the Czech Republic, his mathematical training allowed him to visualize ratios in the characters that were being inherited by the plants he was cultivating. That led him to present and publish in 1865 the hereditary ...
01/19/2018 01:05Czech PM Loses Confidence Vote    ( Alive For Football )
BabiĹĄ, 63, a billionaire tycoon who is the Czech Republic's second-richest man, faces yet another potential setback when MPs vote on whether to ... coalition partners, the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats, according to Stanislav Balik, a political scientist at Masaryk University in Brno, the ...
01/19/2018 01:05Central, eastern Europe's research institutions form alliance    ( Prague Daily Monitor )
The institutions from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia want to offer internationally comparable conditions to researchers and enhance mutual exchange of information, Jana Silarova, from the Brno-seated Masaryk University's Central ...
01/10/2018 16:25Orangutans, like people, use medicinal plants to treat joint and muscle inflammation    ( Phys.Org )
"For the first time ever, self-medication activities of orangutans has been confirmed through this research," said Dr. Ivona FoitovĂĄ, of Masaryk University in Brno Czech Republic and Gadjah Mada University of Yogyakarta Indonesia, and co-author of a recent Scientific Reports paper reporting this ...
12/22/2017 04:45Czech Roma reclaim Holocaust site from pig farmers    ( Deutsche Welle )
Such hate is not unusual on Czech social media, notes Miroslav Mares, who studies extremism at Masaryk University in Brno. It has a symbiotic relationship to politics. ... There are a few thousand Muslims in the Czech Republic, but over 250,000 Roma," he points out. Miker still insists the deal is vital for ...
12/22/2017 04:45African swine fever outbreak alarms wildlife biologists and veterinarians    ( Science Magazine )
ASF has engulfed three Baltic countries and far-eastern Poland, and this summer, it suddenly appeared in wild boar in the Czech Republic. In November, it ... But it's only a matter of time before infected animals escape, says Radim Plhal, a wildlife biologist at Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic.
12/19/2017 16:45When research meets farming to lift welfare    ( Poultry World )
Eva Voslarova, project partner at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Czech Republic, said all 4 networks are set to continue beyond the Hennovation project, indicating that the networks have become embedded and they are also – along with Spain – trying to obtain data to ...


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